The Originals season 4 episode 4 sneak peek: Hayley’s plan

In The Originals season 4 episode 4 sneak peek below, one of the big things that we’re the most inclined to do is go ahead and give Hayley a little bit of credit. Even in the midst of chaos and a potential hunt for the children of New Orleans, she seems to be the one making the most sense.

Given that Klaus is Klaus, can you really not be all that surprised that he’s on the warpath? He’s about to go on a witch-killing spree, and is intent that Hope not know a thing about it. Hey, he’s try to keep that illusion going for as long as humanly possible. We’ll see how long that lasts now, especially when you consider the fact that Hope is a little bit older, and therefore a little more aware of her surroundings. She’s also not your average kid, either.

As for Hayley, her plan here is rather simple: She wants to figure out a way in which to properly ensure that Marcel can get on board with the plan, and she thinks that she is the only person who can do this … which is probably true. In the wake of everything that’s happened over the course of the past few weeks, we have to go ahead and assume that he is not going to be all that trusting in terms of working with the Mikaelsons. With that being said, though, there is a good chance that he will know or realize that this is essential in the event that he wants to find a way to make certain that he gets what he wants and doesn’t feel like working with the Mikaelsons impedes on that.

We’ve said for a little while now that a big part of the fun for this season, at least for us, is the idea of bringing the whole Avengers together and seeing how they function within a group. There is the potential to be a whole lot of fun even in the midst of the darkness of the violence of this show, and part of that could stem from these ragtag characters coming together.

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