Watch: The Big Bang Theory season 10 Finale Promo “The Cognition Regeneration”

We don’t know if The Big Bang Theory is feeling nostalgic right now, or if they were trying to cram in familiar faces to the show in the case that season 10 was the final season. (It’s not.) Its been reported than Riki Lindhome and Brian Thomas Smith will be reprising there roles for the season finale .

The April 27 episode is entitled “The Cognition Regeneration” (probably as abstract an episode title as we’ve seen), and the synopsis below details a little more of what is coming and how Zack will be back in the picture:

Sypnosis: “Leonard isn’t thrilled when Penny considers taking a new job offered by her ex-boyfriend, Zack (Brian Thomas Smith).”

So why would Leonard be upset? We don’t think that Zack and Penny had the worst breakup known to mankind, and they’ve certainly been civil in the past. Leonard may just feel that this is some sort of insult to his manhood to have Penny working for someone who she was attached to romantically in the past. It may sound silly, but this does feel like one of those things that we could see him getting upset about.

Anyway, this is building up nicely for a memorable episode . Watch the promo for The Big Bang Theory Season Finale “The Cognition Regeneration” below:

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