Watch: Supernatural season 12 episode 20 promo “Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes”

For most of Supernatural season 12, we’ve been praying to Chuck that Mary Winchester see some of the light with the British Men of Letters. Luckily, this could be happening as we move into the next new episode entitled “Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes.” Can we stop in for a moment to say that we just love that title? We don’t know why, but it rolls off of the tongue in a really pleasant way.

Aside from the whole story of Mary, this episode is going to bring you the debut of Alicia Barnes’ mother — we’ve really only just started to get to know this character after a few appearances, but apparently the producers are making it a priority now to get to know her family a little bit better. The official synopsis below offers up a few more clues in terms of what could be coming up next:

Supernatural season 12 episode 20 synopsis – “Alicia Banes (guest star Kara Royster) calls Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) for help after her mother, Tasha (guest star Alvina August), goes missing. Sam (Jared Padalecki) answers Mary’s phone and he and Dean (Jensen Ackles) head out to help Alicia and her twin brother, Max (guest star Kendrick Sampson), find their mother who was hunting a powerful witch. Meanwhile, Mary starts to have some doubts about the British Men of Letters.”

This is one of those episodes that sounds on paper like it’s going to be very entertaining and be packed full of a lot of really good, fascinating content. Yet, it also has an immense challenge given that there is only so much that we can really say that we know about it in advance. For now, we’ll say that it looks as though it’ll be a good time, and that’s about it. Our hope is mostly that the writers have up their sleeves right now a few more great ways to entertain us and get us excited about some of what’s coming here.

Promo – Here’s a good window into everything ahead with Mary. If you’ve enjoyed this character’s arc, there is a good story coming.


What do you want to see on Supernatural season 12 episode 20? Share some of your thoughts and hopes now in the comments!

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