Watch: The 100 season 4 episode 10 Sneak Peak #2″Die All, Die Merrily”

The 100 season 4 episode 10 is airing on The CW next week, and the one big of advice that we’ve got for you right now is rather simple: Be prepared. “Die All, Die Merrily” is going to prove itself to be one of the most difficult, emotional, and challenging installments of the entire series that we’ve seen so far this year. Octavia is going to be at the center of the hour, and after experiencing so much pain and loss, we’re going to see potentially just how much fight she still has left in her.

We have a lot of faith in Octavia; however, the big thing to remember here is that not everyone else may not be willing to play be the rules. There are likely to be some huge consequences to whatever transpires the remainder of the season.

The 100 season 4 episode 10 synopsis – “Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) fights in the final battle for her people’s survival, but not everyone is willing to play fair.”

The one thing that we can say here for sure is that Avgeropoulos is probably going to give an incredible performance — she’s one of the show’s best actors, and you’re giving her a chance to have an incredible spotlight hour. We’ll be the first to admit that we’re extremely worried for her survival at this point, given that this is the point in the season where the writers could choose to make some of their biggest moves … which could include causing some huge tragedies with some of the characters on their shows. If you expect the worst, after all, that may make it a pleasant surprise if something a little more positive happens.

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