Watch: Scandal Season 6 Episode 15&16 Promo Finale

Before presenting some of the first Scandal season 6 finale spoilers, there is one word worth uttering: Chaos. It defines the show. It lives and breathes within these episodes. To think, with the political landscape about to change in a big way, it may make its presence known more than ever next week on ABC.

Above all else, the episodes should prove to be a spotlight for Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, and Bellamy Young like no other. They are the three premier performers at the center of the series; without them, there would be no foundation for the other characters to operate.

As expected, ABC is being relatively hush-hush when it comes to details. The synopses below make up the bulk of the information as released in advance.

Season 6 episode 15 “Tick Tock” – “As the clock ticks down to the inauguration of the first female President of the United States, Olivia takes a big risk to ensure Mellie’s safety.”

Season 6 finale spoilers, “Transfer of Power” – “In the final days of his presidency, Fitz uses his power to make some unexpected changes.”

In placing the end of Fitz’s Presidency in some historical context, one of the biggest things to anticipate is significant movement. This is when you do see pardons, sentences commuted, and last-ditch shifts in policy. The most famous move that President Obama made at the conclusion of his Presidency was commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning.

As for Mellie’s first orders of business in power, will any of them even be seen? Remember that the show is coming back for a seventh and presumably final season, so there is no rush to showcase what her first 100 days may look like.

The promo offers up a fairly devastating sense of what lies ahead, told mostly through the lens of a surprise arrival whose actions could mean the downfall of almost every character on the show.

Have a take on the Scandal season 6 finale, or what you want to see over the course of the hour? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments!

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